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Exciting progress! Stay tuned for the latest updates on Project Hope’s groundbreaking advancements.

Thermo brachytherapy oncology medical device commercialization at MAE Group

MAE Group is leading the development of a thermobrachytherapy oncology medical device, a platform technology, under the MAE Group brand. As the name implies Project Hope offers hope to patients and their families impacted by glioblastoma (GBM) and other brain cancers. Read More

Nothing can ease the pain that comes from a loved one suffering from a disease. The only thing that can be offered right now is hope. Hope that it’ll get easier or the burden lightens.

Project Hope in itself is intended to do just that – bringing hope to families with all emotion and intent. We must and will succeed. Period. Read More

Message from Janet on Project Hope for Thermo brachytherapy.

Project Hope: A Journey of Hope

It’s rare for a small Medical Device business services provider to take on the commercialization of their own medical device. And that sort of challenge is not at all what Janet Kwiatkowski (CEO of MAE Group) intended when she founded the company in 2013. Read More

Paul Stauffer began his research over 40 years ago. His specific expertise and training in clinical engineering and radiation oncology in addition to his drive to serve others opened the way for Project Hope. Read More

Pioneers of Project Hope: Dr Paul Stauffer

Pioneers of Project Hope: Dr. Wenyin Shi

Dr. Wenyin Shi, an integral member of Project Hope’s Advisory Team, received the 2021 Sidney Kimmel Medical College Outstanding Clinician Award. MAE Group celebrates Dr. Shi by highlighting his journey with Project Hope and the platform technology of thermobrachytherapy. Read More

Dr. Dario Rodrigues is an Assistant Professor of Thermal Oncology Physics at the University of Maryland. He is a leading thermal oncology physicist in the USA. As an advisor to Project Hope, the commercialization of thermobrachytherapy, he’s clear on his intentions for the success of the thermobrachytherapy balloon device. Read More

Pioneers of Project Hope: Dr. Rodrigues

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