Honoring Dr. Wenyin Shi

Recently, Dr. Wenyin Shi, an integral member of Project Hope’s Advisory Team, received the 2021 Sidney Kimmel Medical College Outstanding Clinician Award. The Kimmel award honors physicians distinguished in the evidence-based, clinical practice of medicine in the doctor-patient relationship. MAE Group celebrates Dr. Shi through highlighting his journey with Project Hope and the platform technology of thermobrachytherapy.

Dr. Shi had early exposure to oncology as a second generation oncologist. He moved towards clinical trials early in his career as he discovered the unmet needs of oncology patients and families. Shi found that the improvement of patient outcomes only comes from research and development. As such, he committed himself to clinical trial trials early in his career bringing new therapy innovations to patients.

He joined Thomas Jefferson University in 2011. Since then, he’s developed and conducted over 7 investigator-initiated trials, evaluating different novel agents combining radiation and new radiation techniques. Shi currently holds the positions of Professor of Radiation Oncology and Neurological Surgery as well as the Radiation Oncology Medical Director of Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience. He’s also serves as the Co-Director of the Jefferson Brain Tumor Center.

Shi remains motivated and inspired not by awards or accolades but by patients and families. Stating, “it is a privilege to take care of the patients, get to know them, and be part of their life journey.”  MAE Group is honored to be part of the Project Hope Team along with Dr. Wenyin Shi.

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