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Janet Kwiatkowski, CEO, founded MAE Group in 2013 in order to provide innovative and life-saving devices to the world, yet it’s become so much more.

“Being different makes a difference. That’s why I began MAE Group, to use my own outside-the-box thinking to help others bring life-saving devices into the world. In other words, bring purpose into my business.”

– Janet

MAE Group empowers entrepreneurs, innovators, and pioneer leaders by offering target services and expertise that translate into an efficient and economical fast-track to global markets. Janet Kwiatkowski’s vision of bringing life-saving devices to global markets is evident in the business service side and leading the commercialization of platform technology.

Respect Integrity Compassion - MAE Group
Founder’s Tribute

Being a pioneer is nothing new to MAE Group as Janet Kwiatkowski named the company MAE, in honor of her mother, who exemplified true grace, compassion, integrity, faith, humor, hope, courage and strength.

Life-Saving Devices to Global Markets

The company launched by providing global regulatory affairs, clinical affairs, quality management, and program management services to medical device, in vitro diagnostic, bioscience and life science companies to commercialize products in target markets. MAE Group is honored to continue to provide these services to start-up and SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) as well as large blue-chip companies.

Full Suite of Commercialization Services

As the needs grew so did MAE Group. The company expanded service in 2017 to offer a full suite of commercialization services to medical device and IVD start-up companies, from market research to initial product launch in target markets. MAE Group expertise lies with the in-depth knowledge of regulations and most importantly, interpretation and application of the requirements, to guide any company through the commercialization pathway to successful product launch with strategic and tactical alignment to business plans. As such, MAE Group has established an excellent reputation with global regulatory bodies.

Leading Commercialization of Oncology Device

In 2019, MAE Group expanded the company’s vision leading the commercialization of a thermobrachytherapy oncology medical device, a pioneering platform technology, under the MAE Group brand. Named “Project Hope”, the platform technology offers hope to patients and families impacted by glioblastoma and other forms of cancer.

Janet Kwiatkowski
About Me

Janet Kwiatkowski, President & CEO, Founder

Janet Kwiatkowski founded MAE Group in 2013 in order to bring life-saving devices to global markets. Ms. Kwiatkowski is an accomplished executive with over 20 years’ experience in the medical industry. Janet is currently President and CEO, founder of MAE Group, a global service provider offering a full bespoke suite of commercialization services to medical device, in vitro diagnostic devices, Rx and OTC products to market. Ms. Kwiatkowski is also leading the commercialization of a thermobrachytherapy oncology medical device, a platform technology, under the MAE Group brand. Prior to starting MAE Group, she successfully led product launches, market expansions, organizational transformations, and effectively cultivated international business markets, created, and conducted leadership and diversity training programs. Janet has led engineering, operations, regulatory, clinical, and business development functions within multiple companies.

Janet holds Associates of Science Degree in Electronics, Bachelor of Science Degree Mechanical Engineering, Master of Business Administration and Master of Science Degree in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices, minor in International Studies.


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