A Message of Hope from the CEO

Nothing can ease the pain that comes from a loved one suffering from a disease. The only thing that can be offered right now is hope. Hope that it’ll get easier or the burden lightens.

Project Hope in of itself is intended to do just that – bringing hope to families with all emotion and intent. We must and will succeed. Period.

Where We Are

Janet with her fellows in an operating room

We have spent the past year focused on the technology of thermobrachytherapy (TBT). We are now transitioning from proof of concept to design and development with ultimate treatment as the goal. Application means commercialization.

In order to bring TBT to patients suffering from glioblastoma, it needs go through commercialization process. TBT as a platform technology and a unique oncology device requires capital to bring it to market and commercialization. It would surprise many to know that amount of capital needed to be raised to fund such an endeavor.

Commercialization and markets seem to be cold and calculating words. However, there is another side to those words, commercialization brings this life-saving product to global markets providing hope and courage for people diagnosed with devastating diseases. The courage to fight and believe they can win or at least beat the odds is crucial to standing up to the toughest fight they will ever have to face with their family.

As such, every step we take and every decision we make moves towards the commercialization of the TBT system, as a platform oncology based technologyThe impact TBT will have to patients, families and humankind is life-altering.

 We believe the technology we are bringing to market is just the beginning– not only for specific indication for use but also concomitant with immunotherapies that will enhance the therapeutic effect of thermobrachytherapy but also the immunotherapy as well.

We have only just begun. For more information, contact us.

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