Introducing Our Advisory Board of Renowned Oncologists, Medical Physicists, and Research Pioneers

Meet our distinguished advisory board, comprising experts whose collective expertise spans thermal therapy, radiation oncology, medical physics, and groundbreaking research, guiding our commitment to advancing innovative and effective approaches in cancer treatment.

MAE Group’s advisory board plays a pivotal role in advancing progress across various sectors. Comprising individuals with rich experience and diverse expertise, the board is crucial to steering MAE Group’s overarching goal of driving improvement. Their collaborative synergy, rooted in distinctive backgrounds, proven leadership, and an acute understanding of industry dynamics, serves as the driving force propelling the organization toward notable achievements.

Human skull depicting glioblastoma
Mark Hurwitz

Mark Hurwitz, M.D., FASTRO, FACRO

Dr. Mark D. Hurwitz, M.D., is the Chair of the Department of Radiation Medicine at New York Medical College, overseeing the School of Medicine and serving as the Director of Radiation Medicine at Westchester Medical Center. With a distinguished career, he has held key roles at institutions such as Sidney Kimmel Medical College and Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center. Dr. Hurwitz is a board-certified radiation oncologist with expertise in Genitourinary and Musculoskeletal oncology, contributing significantly to research, publications, and leadership in professional societies like ASTRO and the Society for Thermal Medicine.

Marilyn D. Landis

Marilyn D. Landis, President & CEO of Basic Business Concepts, Inc., brings over 30 years of financial expertise to empower small businesses nationwide. With 15+ years as a CFO leader, she focuses on strategic financial planning, improved reporting, cash flow management, and funding options. Marilyn’s extensive career spans commercial lending, banking, and SBA leadership. Elected chair of SMC Business Councils in 2007 and NSBA chair in 2008, she advocates for over 150,000 small businesses. Recognized with the SBA National Financial Services Champion award, she continues to serve on the National Ombudsman Regulatory and Fairness Board, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and community impact.

Marilyn D. Landis

Stanley F. Chalvire

Stanley F. Chalvire, JD Law

Dr. Stanley F. Chalvire, a Registered Patent Attorney, specializes in patent prosecution and intellectual property licensing. With a focus on the life sciences industry, he guides clients in developing strategies to safeguard their intellectual property. Stan brings extensive experience in utility and design patent preparation and prosecution, portfolio evaluation, and regulatory exclusivity matters. Additionally, he supports domestic and international licensing initiatives, conducting thorough due diligence and negotiating various agreements. Before entering law, Stan served as a Registered Pharmacist, providing valuable insights into drug therapies, interactions, and utilization reviews in clinical and retail settings. His dual expertise underscores a commitment to advancing innovation and protecting intellectual assets.

Paul R. Stauffer

Dr. Paul R. Stauffer is a leading expert in Thermal Therapy for cancer, merging theoretical and experimental engineering for clinical applications. With a focus on quality assurance, he pioneers advanced medical devices and educates in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. Actively supporting clinical Hyperthermia treatments, he collaborates with BrachyThermix LLC to develop innovative simultaneous heat and radiation therapy for post-brain tumor surgery. Dr. Stauffer’s impactful leadership is shaping the future of cancer treatment.

Paul R. Stauffer

Shuying Wan

Shuying Wan, PhD

Dr. Shuying Wan, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor with a strong background in Physics, earning her Ph.D. from Heidelberg University and an MS from the China Institute of Atomic Energy. She completed her residency at Kingston Regional Cancer Centre and a post-doctoral fellowship at Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre. Dr. Wan, a Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology, focuses on cancer cell migration and adhesion, as evidenced by her recent peer-reviewed publications. Her expertise contributes to the advancement of medical physics and cancer research.

Dario Rodrigues, PhD

Dr. Dario Rodrigues, an Assistant Professor of Thermal Oncology Physics at the University of Maryland, is a leading thermal oncology physicist in the USA. Specializing in hyperthermia, he employs radio waves to generate focused heat, enhancing chemo- and radiotherapy. Dr. Rodrigues is renowned for his expertise in adjuvant hyperthermia treatments, with a focus on pelvic, abdominal, and superficial tumors. His groundbreaking research includes the development of advanced radiofrequency applicators, noninvasive sensors for temperature tracking, and a novel hyperthermia applicator for treating deep-seated brain tumors, showcasing his commitment to advancing cancer treatment methodologies.

Dario Rodrigues

Wenyin Shi

Wenyin Shi, MD, PhD

Dr. Wenyin Shi, MD, PhD, is a board-certified radiation oncologist specializing in brain tumors, lymphoma, skin cancer, and sarcoma. Committed to patient comfort, he employs state-of-the-art radiation equipment and evidence-based techniques, including stereotactic radiosurgery and total skin electron beam radiation. Dr. Shi is actively involved in innovative research and clinical trials, focusing on integrating novel targeted therapies with traditional anti-cancer treatments, particularly in conjunction with radiation therapy.


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