Blue Chip Solutions

MAE Group offers target services and expertise that translate into an efficient and economical fast-track to global markets. Whether your company is your company is experiencing a bandwidth shortfall or you need a specific skill set, MAE Group offers you that expertise. Trust MAE Group to handle every aspect of independent regulatory, quality systems, design […]

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Small & Medium Enterprise Solutions

Whether you’re a small or medium size enterprise, MAE Group Solutions has you covered. MAE Group provides comprehensive regulatory, quality, design, clinical, and project management expertise to see your product through to final clearance or approval. We assist in the global commercialization of medical and in vitro diagnostic devices, OTC and Pharma Rx.diagnostic devices, OTC and

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Early Stage Solutions

MAE Group is the capstone between the inventor and investor. We offer a full bespoke suite of commercialization services to early-stage companies. Our teams will efficiently get you through the commercial process, maximize the inventor’s exit strategy, and de-risk the investor’s funding exposure. We bring medical device and in vitro diagnostic device technology to global

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