Summit Offers MAE Group Opportunities to Expand its Vision

MAE Group’s CEO Janet Kwiatkowski and Jay Wigley, Manager of QA and RA participated in one of the premiere summits in the medical device industry. For over twenty-five years the Marcus Evans Group has provided the world’s leading organizations conferences, summits, and professional training.

The Marcus Evans Medical Device Summit leads the industry in providing a platform for groundbreakers in the medical device industry to connect with innovators and the latest in medical device R & D. The Summit hosts both executives and service providers. Service providers hail from innovative companies, like MAE Group, across North America. The executives were senior manufacturing and R&D Executives representing America’s foremost companies.

The ME Summit is unique in that it is more intimate and targets C-level decision makers allowing MAE Group’s executive team to interact with professionals that, like MAE Group, are on the cutting edge  of medical device innovation. Innovation that includes MAE Group’s target services and expertise that translate into an efficient and economical fast-track to global markets.

The event hosted in Orlando, Florida proved to be a resounding success for MAE Group connecting the MAE Group leadership team to the United States’ trailblazers in the medical device industry. Panel discussions, expert presentations, and one-on-one meetings expanded MAE Group’s expertise as MAE Group broadens its vision of bringing life-saving devices to global markets with the introduction of a platform technology.

In 2019, MAE Group expanded the company’s vision leading the commercialization of a thermobrachytherapy oncology medical device, a platform technology, under the MAE Group brand. As the name implies Project Hope offers hope to patients and their families impacted by glioblastoma (GBM) and other brain cancers. 

Learn more about MAE Group’s target services and expertise and how its leading development of thermobrachytherapy.

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