Program and Project Management

Project management in the drug, medical device and biotechnology industry is the management of various disciplines to achieve one goal: to bring your product to the market within the budgeted project costs, with the available resources and within the agreed timeframe while guaranteeing product quality and safety. With the right project management you can get your innovative and perhaps life-saving product launched on time.

No other service provider has the expertise and strategic alliances that allows you to realize the full potential of your product and business.

By creating a clear project structure and acting as a facilitator, we are able to perform the management coordination of your entire project and relieve your organization of all the unneeded stress.

MAE Group has innovative project managers who can manage your entire project, regardless whether the project involves the complete Product Development Cycle or a subproject or a design change.

MAE Group coordinates and manages a team of experts meeting agreed timelines within the budget and with the available resources. We motivate the involved people in order to create a communication platform for running a smooth project and keeping all stakeholders informed. Project managers take the stress off of you, your company, and your budget.

Project Management is essential to avoid unnecessary delays and costs in order to get your product safely and effectively to market. Effective Project Managers not only monitor project status but more importantly, set clear expectations at the start of the project. Learn more.

We have the leadership and expertise to get your innovative and effective product to market.

Let MAE Group be part of your team as Project Manager.

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