Product Development & Manufacturing

Congratulations! You’ve developed an idea for an innovative product. A great idea is your first step, getting it to market is the next. That’s where MAE Group comes in. We can take your prototype idea, determine how to make it a usable product, and get it safely to market. All the way from creating a prototype to getting it through the manufacturing process.

MAE Group’s thoughtful approach and expertise has enhanced our product development efforts and has given us confidence in our ability to deliver high quality products. The team’s responsiveness and ability to accommodate new challenges and questions is impressive.

Sona Shah, CEO & CO-Founder Neopenda

Product Design involves multiple steps to move into the development phase. The creation of the prototype is the first step in the initial process. After you develop a prototype, you’ll need to determine if it’s usable. That’s where collaboration with a design engineer can help you. Next you need a process to manufacture your device en masse for market. Successfully. Finally, you’ll need a protocol.

There are many steps along a complex path that ends with seeing your idea come to market fruition. However, your goal of getting your innovative and possibly life-saving product to market is possible with the able assistance of an experienced design and manufacturing engineer.

With MAE Group you’ll have industry experts on your team. MAE Group offers a suite of services that can bridge strategic and tactical boundaries and take concepts to successful market completion. Our ability to conceptualize, think strategically and understand the complex nature of regulatory affairs and compliance matters allows us to provide innovative and multiple solutions to complex issues in product development and manufacturing. MAE Group has diverse experience through all device types and a project of any size and complexity. Our dedicated, creative, and knowledgeable staff become an extension of your business. From manufacturing processes to developing contracts and budgets, MAE Group is part of your team.

MAE Group has extensive experience in the software verification and validation for multiple project and device types. MAE Group develops an SDLC process including forms, and templates as well as implementing the SDLC process as part Design Controls and Risk Management for Software.

Cybersecurity attacks can compromise the privacy and security of confidential patient information, disrupt essential operations and procedures, and require significant financial investment to rectify. MAE Group offers assistance and support to develop and manage biomedical device security program, identify and report vulnerabilities, and work with the engineering team to remediate known risks.

MAE Group has the unique ability to understand the technical and business dichotomies and speak both technical and business languages as appropriate. Whether we are involved from the start of development or brought in when challenges arise, we will be there to get your safe and effective products to market and keep them there. Read more about getting your device to market.

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