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Female CEO takes the reins to get glioblastoma oncology device to the world

That single word whispered by a doctor, “glioblastoma” changes everything. Glioblastoma, a long and complicated word to describe the most common and most aggressive brain cancer. Every year around 12,000 men, women, and children in the United States are diagnosed with this specific type of brain cancer. That number is rising.

A simple google search will tell you that glioblastoma is “an aggressive type of cancer.” The word itself evokes fear.

In fact, glioblastoma killed senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy, and President Biden’s son Beau.

But there’s hope. Hope in the form of thermobrachytherapy (TBT). Another long and complicated word to describe a unique device that brings hope to those suffering from glioblastoma and breast cancer. That is why the CEO of MAE Group, Janet Kwiatkowski, took on the formidable role of commercializing thermobrachytherapy. An endeavor called “Project Hope”.

Janet promised to get this device to the world through commercialization after taking the reins from researcher and oncology advocate, Paul Stauffer, Professor and Director of Thermal Oncology Physics (Retired), Radiation Oncology Department, Thomas Jefferson University. While Janet and Paul knew countless lives were impacted through Paul’s academic work, true impact came through getting the device to the masses through commercialization.

In fact, thermobrachytherapy, a device that can significantly increases survival rates for patients, has been around for decades. DECADES.

As Janet states, “Commercialization and markets seem to be cold and calculating words. However, there is another side to those words; commercialization brings this life-saving product to global markets providing hope and courage for people diagnosed with devastating diseases. The courage to fight and believe they can win or at least beat the odds is crucial to standing up to the toughest fight they will ever have to face with their family.”

As such, every step we take and every decision we make moves towards the commercialization of the TBT system, as a platform oncology-based technology.

With grit and determination, Janet and her team at MAE Group are putting their money, resources, and their time behind this device, for hope. Project Hope. MAE Group is now transitioning into the design and development phase with ultimate treatment as the goal.

MAE Group created a GoFundMe page to raise essential funds and raise awareness. Crowdsourced funds allow MAE Group to add design engineering purchase a few essential hardware and software tools to build this device as the team awaits further funding at the end of 2022.

If you would like to bring hope to patients, families, and countless others, please share about Project Hope and MAE Group’s efforts. Please share this press release if you know a news or media outlet that may be interested. Contact us at [email protected]. (865) 456-7567

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